Local Rewards Program Now Free For Businesses to Participate

Based on the feedback of local business owners and consumers, Shop Local CK has announced multiple improvements to their municipality-wide loyalty program, the most significant of which involves eliminating the business membership fee. As of June 21, locally-owned and locally-operated businesses are invited to participate in the program completely free of charge.

“When we began the Shop Local CK program, we knew it was a big undertaking, and one that would require tweaking and changing in order to provide the best benefits to participating businesses and local consumers,” explains Shop Local CK founder, Chantielle Kennedy. Changes to the program include:

1. Free Business Enrolment

The only requirements for business participation is:

  • They must be located in Chatham-Kent.
  • They must honour their discount for one full year from the date they join the program.

2. One Discount Level Instead of Three

  • Reducing the number of loyalty levels from three to one will help streamline the program and eliminate any confusion.
  • Businesses now only need to offer one discount in order to participate in the program.
  • Businesses are still encouraged to set their own discount based on their unique profit margins and product offering.

3. New Pricing

Shop Local CK Consumer Membership Cards will now be sold for $25 (plus applicable taxes) regardless of their colour.

Cards that were sold at the original price are still valid. If you purchased a Shop Local CK Blue Card for the original price of $39.99 and would like a refund for the difference in price, please send an email to info@shoplocalck.com. Proof of purchase date is required in order to receive your refund. If you purchased a Shop Local CK Red Card for the original price of $19.99 congratulations on scoring a great deal!

“The way Shop Local CK was laid out originally was ambitious. These changes are designed to streamline the program and make it easier for businesses and consumers to participate,” says Kennedy.

Businesses and consumers can learn more about the Shop Local CK program changes on the official Shop Local CK website. “The point of this program is to help encourage local commerce. We’re confident that these improvements will go a long way to reaching this goal and providing longterm economic benefits to the community.”