An Update on the Inklyo Launch

November 30th was the day we’d been waiting for here at CIK Marketing. At roughly 11:30 p.m. that night we crossed our fingers, closed our eyes, poured a shot, and flipped the switch on the Inklyo platform.

Surprisingly, nothing blew up. Check it out for yourself here:

Since the launch, we’ve been hard at work onboarding writers, negotiating new client agreements, and sending out a firestorm of PR (check out the official Inklyo launch release on the Inkblot Blog).

While others are gearing down for the holidays, we’ll be working on some further marketing materials, a demo video, and some additional client help resources.

At this point in time, I’d just like to thank everyone who had a hand in the development and implementation of Inklyo. I won’t list everyone, but the following folks deserve a special shout out:

  • Logix Design Studio - Big thanks to Brandon and Brian for their work on the website design and for putting up with my mental breakdowns at our shared office.
  • Innivity Marketing Group – To Rob and Emily for taking me under their wing and helping me slug through some confusing financial projections.
  • Mark Evans – For giving me the opportunity to attend the mesh12 conference earlier this year, and also for his help navigating the confusing world of content pricing.
  • Robert Nickels – For being a friend and for lending his creative genius to a handful of marketing materials.
  • The Ground Floor – To all the board members and advisors for their support and advice.
  • Natalie MacNeil – For pointing me in the right direction and helping me better understand Inklyo’s potential.
  • My Inklyo team – Without Dave, my mad scientist programmer, this idea would have never come to life.

And to anyone else who read a rambling email, responded to a unintelligible text, or picked up one of my (many) manic phone calls in the past 10 months, thank you. You helped shape Inklyo more than you’ll ever know.

This is the content of my life.

Thanks to everyone who’s played a part in the development of it thus far.