Should Chatham-Kent Sports Teams Get Social?

Should Chatham-Kent sports teams use social networking websites for marketing and recruiting purposes? Ian Kennedy, local sports columnist for the Chatham-Kent Daily Post, is a big believer. Kennedy was kind enough to provide CIK Marketing with the following post. If you’re involved with local sports, listen up!

How Chatham Sports Teams Can Use Social Media

Instant Replay with Ian Kennedy LogoOver the last few months, you may have seen some bad press about social media in sports. For the pros, misusing sites such as Twitter and Facebook is easy. One verbal slip up or misread post can go viral. For amateur sports teams, including those in Chatham-Kent, social networking shouldn’t be seen as a liability, rather, social media should be viewed as a budding opportunity.

With the ever-growing presence of teens and parents on social networking sites, social media resources including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Ning, and blogs can be beneficial for young athletes, organizations, parents, and fans. How you ask? It’s simple really. Social networking in sports is common place, and it’s time for organizations in Chatham-Kent to get onboard. Here are some ideas for how local sports teams can utilize popular social networking sites.


As the largest social networking site in Chatham-Kent and worldwide, Facebook has several uses for amateur sports teams. Organizations such as the Wallaceburg Red Devils and Chatham Maroons could benefit from promoting Facebook Fan Pages. Teams can post news, events, scores, and more for their fans. As well, Event Pages can be created to invite hundreds or even thousands of Chatham and Wallaceburg residents to games. If even 1% of those invited attend the game, the Event Page would be a huge success. Social networking in sports isn’t just for large organizations. Small club teams throughout Chatham-Kent can utilize Facebook groups to keep athletes and parents up to date and connected.


Twitter is one of the fastest growing Chatham-Kent social networking opportunities. Picture yourself as a soccer mom or a dad taking his son to football practice with the Chatham-Kent Cougars. Wouldn’t it be nice to receive up to the second messages regarding schedule changes, cancellations, or even have someone Tweet to set up a carpool? If you own a Blackberry or iPhone, Twitter updates are at your fingertips. If you can’t attend your child’s game, you could be receiving instant Tweets updating the score of the game. Starting a team profile is easy and would allow messages to reach large groups simultaneously.


Is your team looking to draw in fans, recruit athletes, advertise an event, or showcase athletes? If you answered yes to any of these, YouTube needs to be a part of your Chatham-Kent social networking campaign. YouTube is now being used for marketing anything from major corporations to tiny sporting clubs. Creating a YouTube channel is easy; all you need is a digital camera, video camera, or even a quality cell phone, and your computer. Uploading top plays by athletes on your team allows instant access by millions of viewers and will promote your players, draw in fans, and build your program.


One way to connect your Chatham social networking efforts is to run a blog. Blogging has become a vital component of social media in sports and business. Blogs are readily available and can help keep fans connected to news, events, scores, and even give personal looks at players. A blog is a great way to keep fans connected and help link them to your other social networking profiles. On your blog, you can include photos, registration or ticket information, schedules, and statistics.

Social networking in Chatham-Kent is beginning to take off. Whether you’re involved in hockey, football, tennis, figure skating, soccer, or archery, utilizing the power of social media in sports will help your team connect to players, parents, and coaches, and to grow and communicate with your community fan base.

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