Failure Isn’t Just Fundamental, It’s Also Fun

If there is not at least a possibility that your pursuit, whatever it might be, may end in cataclysmic failure, then even your success in that endeavor will be tempered.

Greatness is only the positive reflection of the defeat that is probable in the pursuit of it.

Greatness is only ever a possible outcome when the prospect of utter, unmitigated defeat is also on the table.   – A.J. Leon, The Pursuit of Everything

I’m not ashamed to admit that my life has been full of failures. What’s more, I’m actually pretty proud of some of my better mistakes. Turns out I’m actually really good at making bad decisions.

While screwing up generally isn’t celebrated, I’ve found it can actually be quite a bit of fun. Sure, I’d prefer not to do it; I think we’d all much rather barrel our way through life kicking ass and taking names, but sadly that’s not the way the world works (unless you’re Chuck Norris, of course).

If I’ve learned anything this year, it’s that failing is fundamental. Don’t get me wrong, messing up hurts like hell, can cost you a crap load of cash, and ultimately end relationships. But let’s not forget that, at the beginning of every failure, there’s a spark of potential. There’s the opportunity to excel, innovate, and a belief in something bigger than yourself. Whether you’ve experienced a failed personal relationship, a bad business decision, or a flawed friendship, it’s important to reflect and remember why you went down that road in the first place. Because even though your current situation feels like hell, it’s not where your story stops.

You see, the funny thing about failure is that it’s not the end. Regardless of how hard you fall, there’s really no other option but to get back up. And once the dust has settled and you can finally see what lies ahead, you might be surprised at what’s waiting and who’s left standing by your side.

The fear of failure is always present. But then again, so’s the possibility for success. 

Right now, as I continue to ramp up for the beta launch of Inklyo, it’s tough not to get hung up worrying about what might happen if this project ultimately fails. What it would mean to me personally and professionally. Inklyo isn’t just a company to me, it’s a commitment that I made to myself years ago. And as such, it’s a huge portion of my life’s content. Which is why I keep telling myself the following…

If you’re not willing to fail, you don’t deserve to succeed.

Because as Milton Berle once said:

I’d rather be a Could-Be if I cannot be an Are,
Because a Could-Be is a Maybe who is reaching for a star.
I’d rather be a Has-Been than a Might-Have-Been, by far,
For a Might-Have-been has never Been,
But a Has-Been was once an Are.

So bring on the screw ups. The best ones are yet to come.