How to Get More Comments on Your Blog

Blog CommentsAccording to the popular blogging site, Problogger, only 1 out of every 100 readers will comment on your blog. Yep, you read right – only 1% of your blog readers will actually contribute feedback on your article. Of course, this statistic will vary depending on the topic of your blog and the style of your writing, but you get the gist. The vast majority of online readers are just that – readers. They land on your site, skim through your articles and, hopefully, leave with a tiny bit more knowledge than when they came. Is there a heck of a lot that you can do to change this trend? To be honest, no. You can’t force people to leave a comment. You can, however, provide them with a little extra encouragement. The following are five tips to help increase engagement on your small business blog.

Five Techniques to Get More Blog Comments

1) Reward Comments

There are a number of different ways to do this. First, provide commenters with “follow” links. Everyone is after link-backs to their own website, so why not help out an interested reader by providing them with a quick and easy connection? Second, acknowledge good comments by commenting back. And finally, make note of informative comments and use them for future blog posts. In order to turn a reader into a commenter you need to show them that their input is actually read, and more importantly, valued.

2) Make Commenting Easy

If I have to jump through a ring of fire in order to leave a brief comment on your blog, guess what – it’s not happening. And while there aren’t very many comment boards protected by flaming circus apparatus, there are millions hidden behind member login pages. If I need to subscribe to your blog before I can leave a comment, you can kiss my feedback goodbye. I get it, you want people to subscribe to your blog, but don’t force them to just so they can leave a comment. People are lazy, or at least I am. I don’t want to waste a 40 seconds filling out my name and email address, then signing into my email to confirm my subscription… by then, I’ve forgotten what I wanted to comment about anyways. Keep the comment form on your small business blog short and sweet in order to encourage more people to leave their input.

3) Let People Know You Want Comments

It may seem a little redundant, but do you actually ask your blog readers to comment on posts? Bloggers can’t be shy – if you want comments, get out there and ask for them! End your blog post with a call to action asking readers what they think about key points in your article. Ask for their opinion, or even ask for them to argue an opposing angle. Try including a question in a heading of your blog – studies have proven that people often scan online content, reviewing headings, bulleted lists, and bolded terms. If a question is placed in an overtly obvious position, logic implies that more people will see it and be inclined to provide an answer.

4) Don’t be a Know-It-All

If you say everything there is to possibly say on a subject, is there anything really left for a commenter to add? Don’t try and include an entire encyclopedia’s worth of information in your post – leave some things open ended so that others can participate and share their expertise too.

5) Respond, Respond, Respond

Blog Engage Blog Forum and Blogging Community, Free Blog Submissions and Blog Traffic, Blog Directory, Article Submissions, Blog TrafficMost of the comments that I leave on business blogs include a question back to the post author. A sure sign of a good blogger is whether or not they respond to my query. If you don’t even take the time to use your comment board, why should anyone else? Always remember to review your comments and respond to any interesting points and queries. Your readers will appreciate how engaged you are and will feel more inclined to leave a comment knowing that there’s someone on the other end listening to their thoughts.

How do you encourage readers to leave a comment on your small business blog?