Content Outsourcing

Corporate Content Outsourcing

CIK Marketing’s content development services are used by a number of prominent web design firms and marketing agencies in southwestern Ontario. From highly technical, client-specific topics to creative advertisements and promotional text, CIK is capable of delivering unique, cost-effective content that suits your client’s needs.

Advantages of outsourcing your content development with CIK and Inklyo include:

  • Cost advantage – outsourcing content writing is more cost-effective than hiring an in-house writer.
  • Complete customization – our flexible services can accommodate small, medium, and large projects. There is no minimum order size.
  • Guaranteed confidentiality – CIK never requires credit or acknowledgment of our corporate contracting work.

CIK Marketing is driven to create long-term partnerships with each and every one of our corporate outsourcing clients by helping them build strong online content. To learn more about our corporate content outsourcing contracts use the form on our Contact page.