Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email is one of the most affordable online marketing methods. All you have to do is collect contact information from interested customers and send them periodic updates on your products and services.

Sounds easy right – well, not quite!

Consumers are bombarded by company email newsletters and promotions every day. This information overload causes many consumers to ignore company emails completely, which in turn causes them to overlook great offers and useful announcements. If you want your email newsletter to stand out in a sea of communications, you’ll need to invest in professional copywriting services.

Motivate Your Customers

CIK will craft engaging email subject lines that grab the attention of your subscribers and entices them to read more. The body of the email will include interesting information that further motivates consumers to action – either by clicking on a link, or responding to the message.

Email marketing is still a very valuable part of an online marketing strategy. Contact CIK Marketing today to learn more about this affordable marketing tool.