Author Rank and Authority: Get the Jump on SEO in 2013


One of Google’s longtime goals has been to personalize the Web for every single user. In this online world, Google would have the ability to use human aspects, rather than cold code, in order to assess ranking factors.

Sounds a little too futuristic to be possible, right?


Author Rank, Google latest algorithmic update, is about to take Web 2.0 technologies one step further, putting an author’s qualifications and expertise at the forefront of their search engine algorithm. Not surprisingly, Author Rank is being hailed as the largest update to Google’s algorithm since, well, ever. If you thought Panda screwed with your SEO efforts, get ready. Your content marketing strategy is about to be turned upside down. (more…)

Ashley the Intern’s time with CIK is quickly coming to an end. Just over one month until she’s gone (sniff) and we’re not quite sure what we’re going to do without her! So, in order to fill the void, CIK Marketing is hoping to hire a part-time contract writer to help with a wide variety of ongoing projects.

If you’re a blogger, live in the Chatham-Kent area, and are looking for extra income, send us your resume, cover letter, and links to any online published works (this can include a personal blog – we wanna see your personality, as well as your professionalism!) Note: writing for the web is a tricky business, as you need to be able to create well composed prose that’s not too wordy, in a tone that’s personable, friendly, and fresh. At CIK, we write about everything from lawn care to financial planning, so strong research skills are required.

Formal Job Posting

Position: Master Content Creator

CIK Marketing, a Chatham-Kent based marketing company, is looking for an experienced and versatile writer to join their downtown Chatham, Ontario office. This writer will be responsible for producing a range of marketing communications including newsletters, website content, resource articles, social content, and press releases. The writer must be able to adjust their tone to suit client expectations.

The successful candidate must have previous writing experience, and be committed to producing well-written and edited compositions in a timely manner. This position requires a writer who can research and communicate marketing messages to a wide range of online and print audiences. This is a part-time on-going contracted position. Arrangements for telecommute employment can be discussed following the successful completion of a probationary period.

Job Requirements

  • College or University Education (can be in the process of working on a degree)
  • Prior writing experience, online writing is preferred, specifically blogging
  • Editing and proofreading skills
  • Ability to research and write creative, unique documents
  • Strong grasp of grammar and the English language
  • Copywriting experience
  • Experience with search engine optimization is an asset, but not required
  • Experience with professional and personal social media an asset
  • Must be self-motivated, organized, and deadline driven

How to Apply

To apply, please email your resume, cover letter, and links to any published online work to by July 29th, 2011. Resumes will not be accepted following this date. If shortlisted, writing samples will be requested. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Hourly wage to be determined.

Suffering from writer’s block after a long weekend of sun? Don’t worry – it happens to us all! The following are some useful tips to get back on track.

Tip 1: Improve Your Focus

Sometimes it can be extremely difficult to sit down and simply focus. In order to improve your focus, find out which time of the day works best for you to sit down and write your most productive work. For some, this may be the wee hours of the night, for others it may be first thing in the morning. Once you’ve identified when your best writing time is, it’s important that you make an effort to schedule that time as working time. Another way to improve your focus and avoid writer’s block is to eliminate all distractions. For example, sign off of Facebook and close your Internet browser, don’t check your e-mail, don’t Skype your friends. In order to be truly productive it is best to avoid your Internet browser when working on online marketing writing.

Tip 2: Generate Ideas

To get started, come up with a good headline or title. A catchy title can help generate ideas and help you to formulate what your main points are going to be. Next, make sure that you have done thorough research and have enough background information necessary to begin your online marketing writing. An easy way to check to see if you have done enough research is to have a friend ask you simple questions about the topic. If you cannot easily answer the questions, you need to keep educating yourself. When conducting research, read an article that is similar to the type of writing that you are doing so that you can look to it for inspiration and assistance, but be careful to avoid plagiarizing facts.

Tip 3: Be sociable!

Still suffering from writer’s block? For online marketing writing, it is helpful to get online and ask for assistance from friends! Reaching out to your social circle can be very effective in generating ideas that can eliminate your writer’s block. Question and answer sites such as Quora or Aardvark can be helpful, and don’t forget about your Twitter and Facebook friends too! Software is also available to assist in the feedback process. These programs, (Wridea is a popular option) can help you search ideas on the web and then enables you to ask your friends for feedback.

Tip 4: Stretch and Exercise

A simple task, like stretching, can be of great assistance when trying to overcome writer’s block. Working at a computer all day can leave you hunched forward with a back ache. Stand up and reach your hands to the ceiling, then straighten your shoulders and push your shoulder blades together. This stretch, along with deep breathing, will help to stimulate your brain and get your thoughts in action! Another way to get your ideas flowing is to go for a walk or a run before starting to write.  Statistics have shown that we think well when we are moving, so exercising is a great way to get your ideas going and avoid writer’s block.

Tip 5: Reward Yourself!

After 30 minutes of solid writing, reward yourself by checking your Facebook page or e-mails, calling a friend, or watching a bit of TV. As well, if you convince yourself that you only need to write for ten or fifteen minutes straight, you will often find that you will have enough momentum to continue writing for longer periods of time. By rewarding yourself, you will be able to reach your deadline faster!

How do you tackle writer’s block? Share your tips with the CIK Marketing blog readers.