Templates for Websites

To design a website from scratch requires at least an intermediate skill level with the HTML programming language. To design a nice, professional looking website that will make people believe you really are a top power quality analyzer retailer, you have to also have an eye for color, layout, and at least a beginner's knowledge of Java, CSS, and Flash. This is simply too much for a lot of people to manage, but it doesn't mean they can't design their own websites. It just means they'll have to resort to using templates. You can learn all about templates here.

A template is a pre-designed organization and color scheme for a website. A web designer will create a "look" for your site, which might include a space for blogging, menus, a navigation system, photo headers, and sidebars. Then all you have to do is plug your information into the appropriate text boxes or upload your photos into the blank spaces and you've got a ready made butterfly valve manufacturer website that can be maintained even by a computer novice.

Templates don't exist in a vacuum, however. Designers will create templates to work with a specific content management system, such as Wordpress or Joomla, which allows users to edit their swim diaper websites using a website-like interface rather than simply filling in their text in the appropriate lines among pages and pages of pure code. Without using a content management system, trying to use a website template is like filling in the blanks of a form letter that is several dozen pages long and written in a language you don't understand.

Many content management systems are open source and are therefore free to download and use. This is true of popular platforms like Wordpress and Joomla as well as Plone, Drupal, Mambo, and others. Retail web design programs, such as Dreamweaver and Microsoft Front Page, also have templates users can choose from. Before picking a platform, visit the company's site and check out some other websites that have been created using templates that work with that system. With open source platforms, you will find a lot of free templates, but for some of the nicest ones you may have to shell out a "donation" to get.

Many first time users of website templates worry that using a template will make their website look the same as everyone else's. Don't let this send you in for treatment for anxiety in Toronto. Though the organization and navigation will be the same between sites, colors, content, and photographs will be different. Having a familiar site structure may actually help you, because visitors will already know how to use it and therefore won't click away to avoid having to learn a new outlay.

Thank you to Atlantispools.ca for letting us use their website as a visual for available templates.! If you have not already, please visit their website above.

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