Thinking of creating your own website? There are a great number of tools to choose from that will be of great value to assist you in creating an unique website. You will need to build many different types of pages. The topic of one of the pages could be about the proper use of a pressure gauge.Another one might be about the joys of surfing. Continue reading to find out how this might be useful for you to use on your website.

What is now Adobe Flash was originally Macromedia Flash and is meant as a multimedia platform to help you create videos, animation, and interactive elements to websites. It is frequently used in the advertisements that we see when we're reading a blog based on the games that kids play when they get home from school. The program that we use today originated with one called SmartSketch, which was developed by Futurewave owner Jonathan Gay.

Flash movies and applications usually have the file extension .swf, which stands for Shock Wave Flash. You will also find that some of the videos have the extension .flv. This helps them to be viewed with a codec in programs like QuickTime or Windows Multimedia Player. If you're attempting to find a video to show you how to assemble your tent and you can't see the application than you might need to download one of these codec packages.

Adobe estimates that only about one to two percent of computers running today are not equipped with a Flash player. This is something that can be used on both PCs and Macs and is even used on mobile devices. If you're able to watch a video while you're waiting for the bus on the way home then you likely have a Flash Player on your phone or mp3 player.

If you're interested in creating games or doing some major advertising for yourself or others than you may want to learn the basics of working with Flash. First, you will need to learn the scripting language. It will take you at least a few weeks to get the basics of the programming under your belt. This is before any of the real fun and designing can begin. But, if you're thinking of starting a career in website design than having these skills will be a huge asset. You could design sites for pavers with a montage video or create ads that will attract kids on a popular existing website. The sky's the limit with the things that can be done on Flash.

There are alternatives to Flash that can get you a "movie-like" result, that looks just as good and doesn't require Flash Player to be installed.

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